Silly Yak Gluten Free All Purpose Pastry | Product Review

Silly Yak Gluten Free All Purpose Pastry | Product Review

Silly Yak have released a wonderful gluten free chilled pastry which can be used to make all kinds of gorgeous gluten free pastry products.

Posted On: 3rd October 2016
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Cost 4.5/5
Fairly reasonable at £1.75 a block which easily makes a large pie.

Availability 3/5
Not easy to get, only in large Tesco's but even then it's not the easiest to get your hands on.

Taste 5/5
Perfect pastry really, best ready made we've had

Appearance 5/5
Looks just like pastry should.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

It took us a while to get hold of Silly Yak pastry but when we did we weren't disappointed. It is only available in the larger Tesco's stores, and you really do have to go in search of it, we eventually found it in our local store but for many weeks it was out of stock. A list of the Tesco's which sell Silly Yak pastry is on their website.

The pastry isn't freezable so you do have to use it quite quickly and it does have a tendency to grow mould fast, unfortunately this is typical gluten free pastry though. However if you buy it within a day or so of wanting to use it we found it fine, the last box we had was in the fridge for a week and became unusable.

We had a couple of boxes to experiment with them and made some really great pies and quiches out of it. The pastry is really easy to roll, it is a fairly sticky pastry however we found when rolled out between two pieces of clingfilm it was easy to handle and lay in dishes.

To make a quiche we blind baked it first and then filled it and baked. The pastry on that acted like a shortcrust but was fairly soft but tasted like a proper pastry, nice and buttery and not at all hard like some gluten free pastry goes.

To use up another pack we made some quick little cherry pies with some pie filling. The pastry wasn't easy to work into muffin tins with it being sticky but after a little fiddling they stayed in well enough, cutting out the tops was difficult to but with plenty of flour we managed to peel them off the work surface eventually.

We didn't blind bake the pies they just went straight in the oven and this time the pastry was almost like a flaky puff on the top, it had fairly distinguishable layers to it and was lovely and soft while the base did stay fairly like a shortcrust. It really does work as a diverse pasty with the ability to be used as a flaky puff or a shortcrust. Personally I don't know what I would define it as as it falls somewhere in between the two types.

Overall we wouldn't hesitate to use it again, it is an excellent, tasty pastry, semi easy to work with but difficult to get hold of. If you have the patience to find it, it really is a gem in the gluten free world.

Your Comments

Is it still possible to get silly yak. It is the only gf flaky pastry worth buying that i have obtained.

Richard Graves - 13th March 2019
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 14th March 2019

It was apparently discontinued a few months ago

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