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Rule of Crumb Chocolate Eclairs | Product Review

Yummy, gluten and dairy free Rule of Crumb frozen chocolate eclairs! You really can't beat a good chocolate eclair and these are lovely.

Added 23rd June 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Rule of Crumb Chocolate Eclairs | Product Review
Cost 3.5/5
£3 a box in Sainsburys, works out at 50p per eclair, so could be worse, but a little costly when compared to regular eclairs

Availability 4/5
Most Sainsburys superstores seem to be stocking them and also available from Rule of Crumb online

Taste 4.5/5
Very nice alternative to a normal eclair.

Appearance 5/5
Like any other eclair, 6 in a box and a good amount of filling so overall, good.

Our Overall Rating 4/5

A Closer Look...

Chocolate eclairs are something I really miss. I used to eat them a lot before diagnosis and they are about the only thing I have missed in the last few years and wished supermarkets would stock.

It has taken a while, profiteroles have been in Tesco and Morrisons for a while (rule of crumb ones in Morrisons, own brand in Tesco) and while they are the same in essence to chocolate eclairs I still wished chocolate eclairs would be stocked, they are different... in size at least!

I have seen the Rule of Crumb ones online but I don't tend to buy food online much, preferring to buy on the street. A few weeks ago (around mid June), Rule of Crumb chocolate eclairs went into Sainsburys and I had to get my hands on them.

I didn't hold out much hope for my local branch as they are always the last to get anything but low and behold they had them! At £3 a box they are more of a treat than a regular product to buy, like all gluten free products they are slightly on the pricey side. However they are cheaper than buying off Rule of Crumb website where they are £3.45 a box.

The eclairs are frozen, so you don't have to eat them immediately. I didn't put them in the freezer when I got home as I planned on having them pudding that night so put them in the fridge to defrost.

By the time I got to eat them they were definitely defrosted, I'd anticipate they take maybe 20 minutes to defrost, however I recon they would be nice partly frozen, like ice cream!

They look and feel like normal eclairs, a good choux pastry with a chocolate top, they are a decent size too for frozen, obviously not quite on par with the size of fresh ones though (that's just a dream to get fresh ones in a supermarket!)

When it came down to the filling it was nice but it wasn't cream, as an alternative it was nice but to me I could taste a slight coconut hint and it was quite thin compared to normal whipped cream. For me, you could definitely tell they were dairy free, it just wasn't like normal cream. If you can't have dairy though they are a good alternative.

Overall they were very nice and I'll be buying them again despite the cream not quite being to my taste, for a gluten and dairy free dessert that isn't commonly available they are really good as a treat!

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