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No G Chocolate and Morello Cherry Tart | Product Review

No G Chocolate and Morello Cherry Tart | Product Review

Want a tart to die for? Well this may be it, it is so chocolatey but also packed with cherries, you would never believe it is gluten free that is for sure.

Added 7th March 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Cost 5/5
At just under £2 we think these are some of the best priced gluten free products you can get on the high street

Availability 4/5
Available from Morrisons they should be fairly easy to get on the high street if not you can order from Ocado.

Taste 5/5
Absolutely delicious!

Appearance 5/5
Fabulous, bright packaging and the product itself looks good.

Our Overall Rating 5/5

A Closer Look...

As soon as Morrisons started stocking these I was in there, a good tart is something I have been missing for years, of course I could make my own, but sometimes you just want something you can eat straight out of the box.

Some Morrisons are still installing their new free from fridges (as of March 2016), luckily ours came in pretty early and the only two No G products in there at the time was this tart and the quiche. Of course I bought one of each to try. It was my birthday and I was allowed a day off diet!

Honestly, I can say I was desperate to tear into the tart packaging, after staring at it in the fridge for a few days I couldn't wait to tuck in, so after devouring the lovely quiche I was practically running into the kitchen to get the tart.

As soon as I opened the pack the smell of chocolate hit me, it smelt amazing, I couldn't smell any cherry but I was on a chocolate high by that point. Once cut in half I could see the pieces of cherry within the chocolate, there wasn't many visible but enough to see there was definitely cherries lurking in the mix.

I am a big cherry pie fan, add chocolate into the mix and this could possibly be the best dessert ever. Well it didn't disappoint that was for sure. The first bite proved the pastry was perfect, lovely and crumbly, neither hard or falling to bits, it was as perfect as you can get gluten free pastry.

After that I was in heaven, the chocolate filling was lovely and smooth, if it was just a chocolate tart the filling would just slide easily down the throat. The only reason you couldn't do that was because of the cherries. Once you bit into a cherry it was a taste sensation the two flavours mixed together was fantastic.

I just wanted to savour the flavour but at the same time I couldn't resist gobbling it down, it was gone too fast in my opinion, I just wanted to devour a second one!

I think technically this tart should serve 2 but it is much too nice for that, it is definitely only 1 tart (if not 2!) per person, once you start eating it, it is a dessert you just can't leave alone. Served with a scoop of ice cream or some poury cream it could be the kind of dessert you'd find in a restaurant. Absolutely delicious!

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