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Mrs Crimbles Pasta With Sauce -  Cheese and White Wine Sauce | Product Review

Mrs Crimbles Pasta With Sauce - Cheese and White Wine Sauce | Product Review

Mrs Crimbles have released some gluten free pasta sauce mixes which are fabulous for that working lunch when you don't have time to make much!

Added 8th February 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Cost 4.5/5
Around £1.70 a pack, a fairly cheap meal but similar not gluten free meals are only around £1, but I think that can be excused with the price of gluten free pasta in general!

Availability 4/5
Holland and Barrett stock them, most Morrisons have just added them with their expansion and they can be bought online, plus we have seen them in small farm shops so they are fairly easy to find.

Taste 5/5
Really nice, lovely cheesy flavour and the pasta is good in it too

Appearance 4.5/5
Large packaging with not a lot of pasta, enough for a lunch or a snack, pasta looks good though even in it's dry state

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

Morrisons have expanded their Free From ranges this week so I went to be nosy and see what they had got, in there was Mrs Crimbles pasta in sauce, a product I hadn't yet got round to trying even though I had seen them in various small stores, so while I was in there I thought I might as well get one to try, a handy quick lunch for a busy day.

The packet states it will serve one as a meal or 2 as part of a meal, honestly the amount in it, it really isn't worth splitting there is so little in the pack, it is a handy amount for a lunch for one, but unless you don't mind around 15 pieces of pasta I don't think there is enough to serve 2, even as a side portion.

Years back I used to have mug shots in work, pour in a mug, add water and wait a few minutes. I expected this to be a similar thing but you actually need a microwave or hob as well as hot water, unlike mugshots or pot noodles it isn't a simple "pour and eat" snack.

The instructions to make it are simple enough, add hot water (or half milk, half water if you want it creamier) and put in the microwave for 5 mins (for a 750 watt microwave), stir and then microwave for another 5 minutes. Easy peasy. I did as it said and removed from the microwave after 5 minutes and the pasta was still hard. I found it was 8 or 9 minutes before it was done to my taste, 10 mins would make it lovely and soft (I only discovered 8 did it to my taste because I misread the instructions and thought I should only microwave for the first 5 minutes, oopsy!). The pasta is fairly quick to cook with that timing as long as you can hog the microwave for that long (especially if you are in work!)

I only used water in my pasta and I got a semi creamy but still fairly thin sauce on my pasta, it was a really nice cheesy flavour, I couldn't really make our the white wine in it, it was more of a simple cheese sauce with herbs but it was still really tasty and excellent for a quick and easy lunch. Next time I think I will add milk to make it a bit thicker but if you are lactose intolerant it still works very well without milk.

If you miss a quick lunch this could be perfect, just beware that you might have to hog the work microwave!

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