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Mr Kipling Mini Cherry Bakewells | Product Review

Mr Kipling have finally caught up and released gluten free cakes, we have tried their very delicious cherry bakewells, it's just a shame they are mini not full size and seem very similar to Costas.

Added 10th February 2017

Updated 10th November 2020

Mr Kipling Mini Cherry Bakewells | Product Review
Cost 4/5
£2.50 a pack, not the cheapest but about on par with every other gluten free branded cake.

Availability 4.5/5
From 13th Feb 17 they should be in most Tesco stores and they are also in some Asda's.

Taste 4/5
Exceedingly good. Well they are really nice but the pastry was a tad hard for us.

Appearance 5/5
Beautifully bright box and they are twin wrapped so they don't go off so fast.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

These beauties aren't suppose to hit shelves until the 13th Feb 2017, we posted a blog about the announcement just yesterday, but we went into our Tesco today as we'd heard reports some stores already have them and there they were all ready for me to grab.

I love cherry bakewells, and to be honest they are not that hard to get gluten free, most superstores do their own cherry bakewells in the free from aisle. However we have been waiting for the day that Mr Kipling join the free from race, after all they are one of the top manufacturers of cakes.

The box proudly states on the back that the products are made in a dedicated milk and gluten free factory for Premier Foods (the owner of Mr Kipling) so there is no cross contamination risk when it comes to either allergen. Good news for those who cannot have dairy as well as gluten. However they are not free from egg.

We couldn't wait to tuck into these cherry bakewells when we got them so we were straight into the box. There are 6 cakes in the box however they have been twin wrapped so you get 3 packs of 2. Good idea for freshness, but not good for my waistline. Anyone else feel guilty leaving one in a packet?!

If you have had the mini bakewells from Costa, these are very much the same, to be honest they even look the same but without Costas branding on the twin pack wrapping.

The pastry was a little hard, almost overcooked, but was still edible, the inside was basically half filled with icing and the other half filled with a very tiny layer of jam and a slighter larger amount of almond frangipane... basically like their normal cherry bakewells from what I remember, except the pastry was a little softer on them! The glace cherry does seem to take up most of the top because of the size of the cake but it is the best part of it so we can forgive them for that.

They did taste really nice and were almost identical in flavour to the regular cherry bakewells from what I can recall, the only gripe I have with them is the pastry being a tad to hard for my liking and them being mini rather than full sized. Us Coeliacs do eat regular sized food you know!

Over all they are very nice but a little on the expensive side for what they are, but if you love cherry bakewells they are worth a try. We hope the other three cakes Mr Kipling are producing gluten free are as good or nicer!

EDIT: You know we said they are like Costa's, well we have just been told that they are made by the same people who make Costa's...could explain the resemblance.

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