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Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake | Product Review

When Mr Kipling came on the scene with their gluten free offerings, the cherry bakewell cake was one that seemed promising and overall it is very good!

Added 26th May 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake | Product Review
Cost 3.5/5
£3 a cake in Tesco, not the cheapest cake around but also not the most expensive.

Availability 4/5
Available in Tesco.

Taste 4.5/5
Nice but a tad bit dry we thought.

Appearance 5/5
Delicious... until it gets stuck to the packaging.

Our Overall Rating 4/5

A Closer Look...

We have been waiting to try this for ages but Tesco kept having stock issues so it took months before we got our hands on it, thankfully those issues have been resolved and all the new Mr Kipling gluten free range (see this blog about them for more detail) is in stock at the bigger branches of Tesco.

Many Coeliacs have been asking for Mr Kipling cakes for a while and it was a happy time when they announced they were releasing some, though some were gutted when they found it wasn't their favourites, such as french fancies (which we would also love to see!)

The loaf cakes are a good size and can easily make 6 or 8 servings, they are £3 a loaf though so a tad on the expensive side but we have seen more expensive. As a brand name though it is expected that Mr Kipling would be a bit more expensive whether gluten free or not.

Anyway we couldn't wait to try this cake, it did look delicious, with a lovely smooth white icing on top, with glace cherries and almonds. That was until the icing got stuck to the packaging in the heat, then it turned into a melted mess we had to scrape off the plastic. But hey, not much we could do about that!

The cake itself it quite coarse in texture, it almost feels like it is made with ground almonds rather than oats and rice flour. Raspberry jam runs all through the centre and we admit it is rather thick, for me personally it was a little too much jam but if you like your jam this is perfect. The coarseness of the cake actually goes really well with the jammy centre and as a Bakewell in a cake it is a great interpretation of the classic Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell.

As mentioned you can get 6-8 slices, however the cake isn't very tall so you do get a smallish slice when you consider all aspects of the size, however each bite is a taste sensation with the raspberry, cherry and almonds all hitting the tastebuds.

It is definitely a product we would recommend but do try to keep it out of the heat because the top really does become a sticky mess. Overall though it is a great product as a sweet treat, albeit a bit on the expensive side but definitely a nice treat for anyone in the family.

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