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Heck Chicken Italia Sausages | Product Review

I love chicken sausages and these fab gluten free ones by Heck are so good we just had to review them!

Added 7th September 2015
Updated 10th November 2020

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages | Product Review
Cost 4/5
Around £3 a pack

Availability 4/5
Available in Tesco and Asda and have been seen in local health stores too.

Taste 5/5
Really tasty, good chicken taste with a distinct Italian herbiness which kind of hits you all of a sudden

Appearance 4.5/5
Compared to normal pork sausages they are a lot smaller in size, however they are visually appealing both in terms of packaging and product.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

As something a little different from your bog standard pork sausages these really strike a punch with their distinct taste and Italian hit.

As we mentioned on appearance, the size is smaller than pork sausage but the taste really makes up for that plus you do get more in the packet than you do with the pork.

We found these sausages perfect for salads, just to that added tastiness hit but we reckon they would also be excellent in a sausage casserole!

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