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Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2019

Never sure which Easter Eggs are gluten free? Well we have a list off all the ones we can find that don't have gluten containing ingredients or carry a may contain warning. This year this also a whole host of Free From ones available from most supermarkets.

Added 18th March 2019
Updated 10th November 2020

Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2019
Since you all asked so nicely, here is our Easter Egg blog 2019. All the Easter eggs listed on here do not contain gluten or carry may contain warnings, there are a fair few that are the same as last year but there is also some nice new additions and also a few which are no longer safe, I particularly like the look of Marks and Spencers Jazzie Easter Egg this year, however, Aldi is slightly disappointing with how many carry may contain warning.

There are also plenty of dairy free Easter eggs around this year too, Asda have a shed load in, but most supermarkets have a few available with Sainsburys offering a strawberry dairy free egg this year. There are are few that differ from the norm for a change. Even Moo Free have two special ones that seem to only be available in Asda. I have made a note of all the ones which are dairy free.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to check Lidl's Easter Eggs as I don't have a store nearby, if I get to one before Easter I will update the blog with their offerings.

As always, no, Malteasers are not gluten free (that goes for the eggs and the normal every day bags) and neither are Ferrero Rocher....though if you are lucky there is a Ferrero Rocher Squirrel out for Easter which is hollow like the Christmas star was but is gluten free, however it's been almost impossible to get hold of.

All the following Easter Eggs do not contain gluten or carry a may contain warning.

Belgian Milk Chocolate Ripple Easter Egg
Milk, Wheat and Gluten Free Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Truffles (Dairy Free)

Dinosaur Easter Egg
Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Easter Egg
Extra Special Belgian White Chocolate and Tangy Raspberry Easter Egg
Extra Special Hand Decorated Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg
Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavour Truffles (Dairy Free)
Free From Choc Easter Bunny (Dairy Free)
Free From Easter Egg Selection (Dairy Free)
Pineapple Easter Egg
Unicorn Easter Egg

Caramel Sea Salt Easter Egg
Caramelized Cacao Nib Easter Egg
Chocolate Orange Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Easter Egg
Strawberry Bellini Easter Egg

Crème Egg
Crème Egg Easter Egg
Crème Egg Minis
Crème Egg Twisted Bag
Crunchie Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Caramel Egg (not Easter Egg, the Caramel Eggs)
Flake Easter Egg
Heroes Easter Egg
Mini Eggs
Mini Eggs Easter Egg
Roses Easter Egg
Twirl Easter Egg
Wispa Easter Egg

Galaxy Ripple Egg
Golden Eggs Bag
Golden Eggs Easter Egg
Minstrels Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Surprise Easter Egg

Disney Pixar Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Disney Princess Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Help For Heroes Easter Egg
Hot Wheels Easter Egg
Just Chocolate Easter Egg (Dairy Free) (available in Asda)
LOL Surprise Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
PJ Masks Easter Egg
Shimmer and Shine Easter Egg
Toy Story Easter Egg
Transformers Easter Egg

Extra Fine 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Smooth White Chocolate Easter Egg

Bounty Easter Egg
M&M'S Easter Egg
Snickers Easter Egg

Alfie Bunny
Angus The Bull Easter Egg
Bees Knees Easter Egg
Cheeky Chicks
Chicky Chicky Bang Bang Easter Egg
Chocolate Feather Easter Egg
Easter Seleggtion Box
Fruit and Nut Chocolate and Lattice Egg
Hand Decorated Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg
Hand Decorated Single Origin Dark
Hand Decorated Trio of Eggs
Hand Painted Belgian Milk and Dark
Chocolate Easter Egg
Giant Chocolate Bunny
Jazzie Easter Egg
Made Without Dairy Dark Chocolate Egg
Moonbean the Unicorn Easter Egg
Prosecco Easter Egg
Rock Chick Easter Egg
Ruby Chocolate Egg
Sherlock Sheep Easter Egg
Spiketail the Dinosaur
Spring Garden Egg
Star Wars R2D2 Easter Egg
Swiss Chocolate Easter Egg
Thomas the Tank Engine Chocolate Train
Yoga Bunny

Bunnycomb Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Cheeky Orange Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Dark Egg (Dairy Free) (available in Asda)
Original Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Sea Salt and Caramel Easter Egg (Dairy Free) (available in Asda)

Chocolate Pineapple Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Decorated Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Free From Chocolate Easter Egg with Orange Disks (Dairy Free)
Free From Chocolate Egg and Truffles (Dairy Free)
Free From White Chocolate Egg and Discs (Dairy Free)
Fruit and Nut Easter Egg
Ruby Chocolate Half Easter Egg
Salted Caramel Fudge Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Aero Collection Easter Egg
Aero Peppermint Easter Egg
After Eight Easter Egg
Milkybar Egg
Quality Street Easter Egg
Smarties Orange Mini Eggs Egg

Chocolate Egg
Peanut Butter Cup Bunny

Belgian Milk Chocolate Geometric Easter Egg
Belgian Milk Chocolate Splatter Easter Egg
Free From Chocolate Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From Strawberry and White Chocolate Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From White Chocolate Easter Egg (Dairy Free)

Belgian Dark Chocolate, Orange and Almond Easter Egg
Belgian Milk Chocolate and Caramel Easter Egg
Belgian White Chocolate and Coconut Easter Egg
Belgian White Chocolate and Raspberry Easter Egg
Bruce the Bunny Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Easter Egg
Doug the Dinosaur Easter Egg

Classic Easter Egg
Classic Dark Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate and Orange Easter Egg
Gruffalo Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Bunny
Milk Chocolate Butterfly Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Continental Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Cupcake Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Football Fan Easter Egg
Milk Nut Easter Egg
Mint Collection Easter Egg
White Chocolate Bunny
White Chocolate Bunny Easter Egg
White Chocolate and Raspberry Easter Egg

Arabica Coffee Egg
Caramel Chocolate Golden Easter Egg
Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg
Chocolate Marble Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Easter Chocolate Collection
Easter Egg Carousel
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Salted Hazelnut and Raisin Easter Egg
White and Dark Chocolate Egg with Raspberry Pieces

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