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Glebe Farm Chocolate Cake Mix | Product Review

I love a good cake mix and Glebe farm certainly make a good gluten free one. Deliciously soft, this is a mix you definitely need to try.

Added 31st July 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Glebe Farm Chocolate Cake Mix | Product Review
Cost 4.5/5
At £2.49 a bag it isn't the worst priced cake mix.

Availability 4/5
A little hard to come by but a few places do sell it, you can purchase from Ocado, Glebe Farm website and a lot of Wyevales sell them.

Taste 5/5
Deliciously soft

Appearance 5/5
Yummy, nice rise too it and the packaging it good too!

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

We love a good cake mix because lets face it, sometimes we can't be bothered making our own! When we got to try this we weren't sure what to expect, I have had other Glebe Farm products in the past which have all been great but I've not had a chocolate cake mix, so as soon as we opened the parcel it arrived in everyone decided they wanted cake, so we made it up literally minutes after it came to the door!

The bag the mix comes in is nice size, some seem to have oversized packaging for the amount of mix but this was nicely compact so it doesn't higher your expectations in terms of how much product is in it and it saves on rubbish which was nice.

We did as the packet said and preheated the oven and added just egg and butter, nice and simple mix you don't have to add much too is always nice when you "can't be bothered" to bake. With this you literally slap it all in a bowl and whisk.

The packet suggested to use one or two round cake pans to make either one big or a two layer cake but me being me decided to make cupcakes instead. So we loaded 9 cupcake cases half full with the mix, a nice amount to get out of a mix we think. We might have got 10 if we didn't eat the batter off the spoon!

The packet said a full size cake should take 20-25 minutes so we expected these to take maybe 10-15 minutes as they were smaller but it actually took 40 minutes for them to bake. However we were using a combined grill oven which is only small so this may have caused the time to be different, times are usually only estimated on packs anyway, every oven is different and everyone cooks different so you can't expect to always meet the time stated.

Once they were cooked and well risen like a good cake should be, I couldn't resist eating one hot and it was deliciously soft and sweet. As they cooled they did firm up and did have a slight dryness to them but they were still soft and very chocolatey. We hadn't got enough ingredients in to top with a yummy chocolate buttercream but this would have been the perfect topping to it, it would have made the flavour even more intense and add that little bit of moistness to the cake.

Overall we definitely found this to be one of the nicest cake mixes we have had and we have tried our fair share, it is certainly recommended. We suggest looking in your local Wyevale stores to find Glebe Farm products, if not the next best stops are Food Fairs, Ocado or Glebe Farm online shop.

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