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Fairfield Farm Heat and Eat Crisps | Product Review

Fairfield farm have released some wonderful crisps that you heat to eat, they are available in some Tesco stores and if you can get them they are delicious.

Added 26th January 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Fairfield Farm Heat and Eat Crisps | Product Review
Cost 5/5
£1.85 for a big share bag and dip. Absolute bargain.

Availability 3/5
Not easy to get hold of, Tesco online and some Tesco stores. Fairfield Farm so have an online shop but their Heat and Eat range aren't listed.

Taste 5/5
Delicious, the crisps almost remind me of Walkers.

Appearance 5/5
Perfect for sharing, easy tear bag too!

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

Do you miss share bags of crisps with dips? I do, especially for parties and social gatherings. Well Fairfield Farms Heat and Eat range may be the perfect substitute.

Fairfield farm use a dedicated facility for their crisps so there is no contamination risk from gluten when it comes to their Heat and Eat crisps. These are a little different to your normal crisps, you actually tear open the bag, whack them in the microwave for a minute so the crisps are warm and then serve! Hot crisps! From my understanding these are the first company to do heated, sharing, dipping crisps and it is something of a revelation!

The crisps come in two flavours sea salted with tomato dip and cheese and chive with onion dip. I really don't like tomato so didn't try the dip for the sea salted but the crisps were lovely, I was eating them unheated but when you put them in the microwave they are something else, you almost feel like you are eating nachos but you're not, they are proper crisps.

The cheese and chive with onion dip was delicious the dip was a fabulous little chutney type dip and worked well with the crisps, though I do love cheese and chive crisps, so I was just eating the crisps straight from the packet, both hot and cold.

The taste and texture of the crisps almost reminded me of Walkers (but gluten free unlike Walkers) but with a but more crunchy like Kettle crisps.

I do love the idea of the heated crisps and they are super for a social gathering as there is easily enough to serve 3 or 4 people in a bag though I'm not sure there is enough dip for all the crisps, you'd have to have it sparingly on each crisp I think.

Overall we all enjoyed both flavours and would certainly have them again, though it would be fab if they were more readily available.

Note: Sea salted free from dairy, Cheese and chive not free from dairy

Sponsored By Fairfield Farm

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