Delicious Alchemy Nutty Granola | Product Review

Delicious Alchemy Nutty Granola | Product Review

Delicious Alchemy do some delicious gluten free mixes and cereals, the latest in their range in the Nutty Granola and it is certainly one of the best gluten free granolas.
Cost 4.5/5
£3 a bag on Delicious Alchemy's website, about average for gluten free cereal

Availability 4/5
At the moment it's only on Delicious Alchemy's website but we hope it appears in supermarkets along with their oats

Taste 5/5
Delicious is all I can say!

Appearance 5/5
Typical Delicious Alchemy stand out packaging and the granola itself looks divine, packed with all sorts unlike some you look at they just looks like something from a hamster cage.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

We got to try this cereal this week and it really was a complete pleasure. I am a granola fan, I love it for breakfast with some yogurt, so the only way I could try this granola was by doing the same.

I was excited for breakfast when I received my granola, I know it sounds sad, but I really was, I can no longer get the granola I used to have, so I have been on the look out for a new one to replace it but the ones I have tried just haven't fit the bill, they have been lacking in flavour or just couldn't get more than two bowlfuls from the bag.

The morning I was having this I already knew Delicious Alchemy wouldn't disappoint, I don't think there is a product of theirs I haven't tried at some point and have yet to find one I don't like, so I went in with high hopes.

The bag was nice and full, and should easily last me a week or more. Once I was in the bag it was easy to see it wasn't all oats either, when I have granola I want more than one sultana or nut to fall out the bag, but with so many I find this is the case, with this one though there were plenty of extra bits in there to satisfy me.

I paired my granola with some cherry yogurt, in all honesty it was the only one I had left in the fridge but it didn't disappoint it actually paired well with the granola. I usually have around 40g and and this amount covered the yogurt nicely.

The taste of the granola was divine, the honey was evident but not overpowering and each mouthful had something tasty paired with the oats, be it sultana, hazelnut, almond or some form of seed. I like cereal with a satisfying crunch to it and this granola certainly had that, the oats were toasted to perfection and truly were delicious.

We are curious about the back of the back though, saying to try their berry granola which isn't on the website nor can I find it anywhere else... another new product that will be out soon...? I really hope so!

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