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Delicious Alchemy Limited Edition Christmas Cake Mix | Product Review

This cake mix is one we have never seen before and is definitely a first, a gluten free Christmas cake packet mix! If you don't like cooking much this could be right up your street!

Added 10th November 2015

Updated 15th December 2020

Delicious Alchemy Limited Edition Christmas Cake Mix | Product Review
Cost 4/5
£5 from off the Delicious Alchemy website, not too bad we think! However you will have to get your icing and marzipan separate and also the alcohol or orange juice for it but we still think it is cheaper than making your own.

Availability 3.5/5
From what we can find they are only available off Delicious Alchemy themselves.

Taste 5/5
We con honestly say it is REALLY good, put the right amount of liquid in it is lovely and moist.

Appearance 5/5
As long as you are adept at adding some Icing you can get a fab Christmas cake, we didn't have much to work with so it wasn't that presentable

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

I was kindly offered a pack of this to try and I am not one to turn down either a freebie or cake, so when the packet arrived I set to work.

This packet is enough to make a decent sized Crimbo cake and is very simple to make, the packet mix has very easy instructions so even if you aren't the best of baker we think you would easily be able to make this. All you need is some butter, eggs and either brandy or orange juice (obviously if kids are going to eat it we would suggest orange juice!).

All the extras you need are probably every day ingredients (apart from brandy) so are probably easily procured, as we had sherry in the house from when we made our Christmas Cake from scratch last month we used that in the cake but would probably have used orange juice otherwise as a cheaper option.

Basically all ingredients are thrown into a bowl mixed together and there you have it a unbaked Christmas Cake, whack in the oven for nearly 2 hours and you have a delicious cake.

We found it took a good 4-5 hours to cool thoroughly and we had to leave it until next day to be able to ice it. We only had a small amount of icing to work with but it was enough to add a layer on top, perfect just to have this as an every day cake, if I were making it for Xmas I would be inclined to put a nice thick layer of icing on the top and wrap in a decorative ribbon.

Being one to make cakes from scratch I tend to find that a lot of packet mixes are either dry or lack flavour, however this was neither, the sherry made it lovely and moist and when cut it was easy to see just how moist it was, it wasn't so wet it was sticky but it was wet enough that you could see it was going to have a lovely texture to it when bitten.

The cake itself had a lovely taste, the sherry really giving the fruit a boost, you could easily make this cake dairy free too if needed and it wouldn't effect the flavour, even add in some cherries or nuts to give it some extra padding if you wish but we found it was a very delectable cake as it was and were glad it didn't have cherries so my Dad could try it. We did neglect to tell him it was gluten free and being one to criticise everything we were pleasantly surprised when he had nothing to moan about apart from my icing, no remarks about the cake at all which, believe me, means the cake must have been really good!

Overall this cake is worth the effort to obtain from Delicious Alchemy, it takes barely an effort to make and tastes fantastic, so if you want a simple to make cake this Christmas this could be perfect for you.

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