Asda Christmas Gingerbread Men | Product Review

Asda Christmas Gingerbread Men | Product Review

You really can't beat a good gingerbread man at Christmas, luckily Asda have some in this year and this is our review of them.

Posted On: 19th October 2015
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Cost 5/5
Only £1 for a pack of 6 which is definitely reasonable when it comes to free from products.

Availability 4/5
Only seem to be in bigger Asda stores.

Taste 5/5
You can't beat a good crunchy ginger dude and these definitely live up to gingerbread man standards.

Appearance 4/5
Pack of 6 split in 3 bags of 2 in a lovely xmas box. However I am knocking my rating down to 4 simply because I don't like them being in 2's when I only want 1 (I feel obliged to eat the other one),and for the fact I think they shouldn't just be a Christmas thing.

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

It was by chance I found these. They aren't listed on Asda online (yet at least). My local supermarket barely has any of the Christmas range so they weren't in there. However while at my boyfriends I was browsing his local stores substantially larger gluten free range and noticed the Christmas range of pudding, cakes and shortbread and also these gingerbread guys.

Now I LOVE gingerbread, I'd frequently go to local bakers when in college for a gingerbread man but I am very particular. 1) They have to be gingery and 2) They have to have a good crunch. I don't do kindly to soft and unsatisfactory gingerness!

I noticed the box said they were split into 3 packs of 2, yes I know it's for freshness but I really don't like it when they do that, I hope it's not just me that feels sorry for the single one left in the packet and then feels the urge to polish the other one off. Anyway with a lot of hard work I managed to put one single guy back in the box and just have the one. I hope he doesn't get too lonely on his own.

It was immediately obvious that these were a good crunchy biscuit, they were nice and firm to the touch and had a satisfactory snap to them when I snapped his legs off. Time for the taste test. The verdict: GINGER, very much so gingery, now I am a bit of a ginger addict and these certainly hit the spot, a proper ginger taste, not just a measly tiny amount either.

Asda aren't the first free from too do gingerbread, Sainsburys also offer gingerbread (and in single packs as well!) which they sell all year round. It would have been nice to see Asda's gingerbread men as a permanent offering as they are cheaper (and in my opinion a little bit nicer than Sainsburys) however since the box states "Christmas" it looks like they will only be around for a few months. Grab them while you can.

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