Asda Free From Gingerbread House Kit | Product Review

Asda Free From Gingerbread House Kit | Product Review

Everyone needs a gingerbread house at Christmas and we love this kit from Asda, it's not always easy to get a gluten free gingerbread house so the fact this year Asda have brought one out is amazing and gives every Coeliac to chance to build their own house.

Posted On: 21st December 2016
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Cost 4/5
At £4.50 it isn't the cheapest but it is a kit to make a complete house.

Availability 4/5
Most large Asda's have them put probably not for much longer now, they are already discontinued online.

Taste 5/5
Absolutely delicious.

Appearance 4.5/5
Depends how good your decoration skills are!

Our Overall Rating 4.5/5

A Closer Look...

We really enjoyed making this kit up, we did put off buying it for a while but then decided Christmas isn't Christmas without gingerbread and we didn't want to make our own. So in the end despite the slightly elevated price we decided to give this kit a go since it is the first free from gingerbread house kit we have managed to find anywhere at all in the last few years.

The kit comes with the gingerbread mix (just add the wet ingredients, combine, chill and roll out),icing sugar (just add egg white) and sugar sprinkles to decorate. You could use your own decorations to make it more impressive but we went with that was in the box.

The instructions were printed on the back of the box and were very simple to follow (except we still managed to do it wrong, think I need new glasses!),the only problem we had was the template was printed on the inside of the box, once we cut the template out it cut through the instructions, so if you have a bad memory (like me!) it's hard to re-read the instructions!

We put together the gingerbread easy enough, then we let it chill as stated which made it simple to roll out. The box stated to roll out between cling film but it just kept sticking when we did that so instead we rolled out on some flour which was much easier. Using the template in the box we cut the pieces out (but we misread and did 4 rectangles instead of 2 so the panels were slightly thinner than they should have been) and baked in the oven.

It took us about an hour to bake all the sections as we had to keep waiting for the tray to become available to put more pieces in. But in general it only took 15 mins for a tray to cook so if you can get them all in the oven they'd be done in no time.

The pieces were quite flexible when they had cooled but held together well, felt almost like bendy cardboard. The icing was simple enough to put together, just add egg white. It took an extra pair of hands to hold the pieces together while we stuck them together and the icing dried enough to hold the house up on its own but once that was out the way the rest was simple enough.

Except our decorating didn't go quite to plan, the icing was a little too thin and it kept running, but what does that matter, it adds to the snow effect!

We decided to nibble on our spare panels while waiting for the house to dry and it was delicious. It had a really nice gingery taste to it and was definitely one of the nicer gingerbread packet mixes, proper Christmassy feel to it. With the icing the gingerbread tasted even nicer and it didn't take us long to demolish the house.

We enjoyed making it even if the decorating didn't go to plan, and like the online meme's say, "if your gingerbread house doesn't work out, add a dinosaur". We definitely recommend the kit and hope it is back out again next year.

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