Angels and Cookies Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough | Product Review

Angels and Cookies Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough | Product Review

Completely allergen free cookie dough, gluten free and vegan. Perfect for eating raw out the tub or making the most delicious cookies (or putting in fudge like we did!)
Cost 3/5
Not cheap at £7.99 a tub but worth every penny.

Availability 4/5
Easily available on the Angels and Cookies website plus available at some independent outlets.

Taste 5/5
Amazing, can't even tell they are allergen free.

Appearance 5/5
As cookie dough should be!

Our Overall Rating 4/5

A Closer Look...

Angels and Cookies are only a small company but their Cookie Dough doesn't half pack a punch in the Coeliac world, it could be a game changer in the world of gluten free because it is not only gluten free, dairy free, egg free... it is completely allergen free which opens it to a world of people. Not only that it is Vegan too!

We got to sample their cookie dough a few weeks ago and as we loved it so much we bought more when we attended the allergy show. When we first used the Chocolate Fudge we got inventive and made Cookie Dough covered strawberries (we also made fudge with the normal choc chip one, recipe for that is here) but with our second lot we wanted to know how cookies would turn out so we made cookies.

The cookie dough comes in simple white containers but they look stylish, each container contains enough dough to make 12 cookies so it may be expensive but it does work out at at less than £1 a cookie which is less than you'd pay for a gluten free cookie in some places! You know what we love too? Angel and Cookies cookie dough is handmade with many organic ingredients not made in large commercial quantities, just think of all the love that has gone into these products!

Having kept our cookie dough in the fridge as instructed it was a little hard to pull pieces off to roll into balls but we're not moaning, we were just trying not to eat the dough raw (so yummy!) We rolled into 12 balls then looked at the instructions and for the first time ever we managed to get the quantity the pack said we should, we were actually impressed, this never happens when we make things from packets!

After that it was simply press the dough down into pancakes on a baking tray and whack in the oven for 15 minutes and wow, they came out amazing. Not being able to resist a freshly baked biscuit we tucked in as soon as they were out the oven and even unfirmed up they were delicious, so chocolatey! The taste was so good too it was hard to believe they are gluten free let alone completely allergen free. Some cookies can end up grainy but not these, the texture was fab and when cold they firmed up pretty well too!

The things you can do with cookie dough is endless too as we learnt just by experimenting, you don't have to make just cookies from it. Angels and Cookies are on to a winner with this, don't let the price put you off, it is worth every penny even if you do make just cookies from it. We may have only reviewed the chocolate one here but we have tried the others too and OMG, they are amazing, make sure you try some, you won't regret it!

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